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Entry #3

Look Who's Back

2011-11-25 23:22:22 by Pac-Boy

Hmm I don't know why I haven't been on this site for a while. It's going on 2 years, which is a long time span away from the site. I had to come back though, because I learned about some people uploading my content on here without any type of permission from me. I finally had the guts to upload my first episode of 3-Up onto this site; knowing damn well that somebody is going to decompile it like it was SMBZ. People are lazy to make their own stuff for themselves, or too thirsty for fame. That's a shame to me. Leaving the topic, that's not why I came back to this site to rage about past incidents but to inform you that I'm going to be uploading movies here again. No more ripoffs or anything similar to how I made things in the past, but very creative and entertaining videos. All ideas, styles, and content will be my yours truely. So I am back now and I am ready to get to animating new stuff for you guys, but I am on youtube if you want to check me out my user account on Youtube is asteroid287. You may subscribe if it pleases you, because I have videos that are currently there that will not be on this site. I am glad to be here and stay tuned Newgrounders.


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2012-05-02 17:39:43

I understand


2012-05-07 17:53:54

I understand too, but I wished you really made a SMBZ Collab! Although thanks for submitting your Mecha Sonic Vs. Shadow segment.... Farewell, I hope you do return to Newgrounds sometime in the future but goodbye. Thanks for your hard work on this site....

Pac-Boy responds:

I shall return my friend!!!!!!!


2012-07-29 11:30:36

Return soon! :D
And PLEASE continue 3-Up!


2012-08-20 18:06:49

And are you working on your SMBGT?

Pac-Boy responds:

No SMBGT apparently that's been recently created and we had the same thoughts lol. However 3-Up will make a return coming this year. Making episode 2 at least twice as long in action and plot XD